Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

1 How do I proceed with booking?
2 How do I pay for my tickets?
3 Do I receive a confirmation of booking and payment?
4 I have not received a booking confirmation
5 I can’t find a route
6 How can I get my tickets?
7 Do you offer Web Check-in / E-Ticket?
8 Can you post me my paper tickets?
9 Can you post the tickets to my Hotel of stay in Greece before my arrival ?
10 How long before departure do I need to be at the port?
11 What types of cabins ferry companies provide?
12 I am Traveling alone can I have a cabin only for myself ?
13 How many days before my trip should I make a reservation ?
14 Are pets allowed on board?
15 Can I Change or cancel a ticket
16 Can i get an invoice/receipt for my booking?