HELLENIC SEAWAYS is a member of ATTICA GROUP, which operates in passenger shipping, through the companies SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS and AFRICA MOROCCO LINK, with a total of 32 vessels offering modern, high-quality transport services in Greece and abroad. Attica Group’s vessels serve 60 unique destinations in 4 countries, connecting 71 ports and carrying over 7 million passengers, 1 million passenger vehicles and 400,000 trucks every year.
HELLENIC SEAWAYS operates in Northern Aegean, Saronic Gulf, Sporades and Cyclades. Routes are renewed and planned with the aim of providing multiple options to passengers, supporting local communities, and linking the Greek islands, with clear benefits for the country’s economy and tourism.
The company serves more than 36 destinations within Greek islands and mainland, with a fleet of 15 conventional and highspeed vessels. HELLENIC SEAWAYS have comfortable lounges, cabins, aircraft-type seats, open and closed style bars, restaurants, shops and all the amenities for passengers to enjoy high-quality services at sea.
The company has at its disposal:
6 Conventional ships
(Nissos Samos, Nissos Rodos, Ariadne, Express Skiathos, Express Pegasus, Artemis) - 2 Highspeed ships (Highspeed 4, Hellenic Highspeed) - 4 Flying Cats (Flying Cat 3, Flying Cat 4, Flying Cat 5, Flying Cat 6) - 3 Flying Dolphins - 3 Aero Highspeed