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Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

EXAS SHIPPING, based on the island of Kos, is a renowned ferry operator with extensive experience in providing reliable and comfortable ferry services between Greece and Turkey. The high-speed catamaran AKÇAKOCA CUT, connects the picturesque resort town of Bodrum in Turkey with the stunning island of Kos in Greece.
The AKÇAKOCA CUT is a modern, high-speed catamaran designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. With its spacious seating, well-equipped café, and bar, passengers can relax and unwind during the journey. The ferry's efficient design ensures a smooth and swift crossing. This makes it an ideal choice for day trips and short getaways.

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Infants from 0 to 1 years old travel free of charge. The fare for children from 1 to 6 years old is €5.

Children from 6 to 12 years old

Children from 6-12 years old are entitled with a 50% discount.

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