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Including Children & Infants

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Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

Levante Ferries has been established to serve the Patras - Kyllini - Zakynthos - Kefalonia - Ithaca maritime zone, offering modern passenger ships and advanced onshore services. The fleet of Levante Ferries now consists of four ships, built according to the highest standards: "Fior di Levante", "Mare di Levante", "Andreas Kalvos" and "Kefalonia".

A new maritime route linking Thessaloniki with Izmir is a fact, thus fulfilling the strong and long wish of the two peoples for an easy and convenient link by sea, creating new brand new growth and prosperity prospects for many societies. The ship “Smyrna di Levante” of Levante Ferries creates a communication bridge between the neighboring countries of Greece and Turkey.

Our ships, staffed by experienced and fully trained crews, guarantee passengers’s safety and a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Levante Ferries is focused on their technological evolution and stays abreast of Maritime-Navigation new standards, with more routes and new destinations.

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Infants up to 5 years old are free


50% Children 5 to 10 years old

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Student discount are applied only to people studying in Public Greek Universities.

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