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Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

The joined venture Kerkyra Lines has been active on the Kerkyra- Igoumenitsa - Paxi lines since 2010 while operating on a daily basis since 2021 on the barren line of Corfu-Diapontia islands. The company is constantly evolving and aiming on the development of its fleet and the continuous improvement of its services. It provides nine (9) passenger-vehicle ferries.
The main mission of Kerkyra Lines, is to serve the transport needs of Corfu, Paxos & the Diapontian Islands (Ereikousa - Mathraki - Othonoi) as well as the constant operation of the lines Corfu - Igoumenitsa, Paxos - Igoumenitsa and Corfu - Diapontia Islands (Ereikousa - Mathraki - Othonoi) even under unfavorable weather conditions.
Its main goal is to contribute the development of Corfu and the neighboring islands, offering high standard transport services to both locals and visitors.

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Infants up to 4 years old are free


50% Children 5 to 10 years old

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Student discount are applied only to people studying in Public Greek Universities.

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