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Including Children & Infants

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Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

Pay less, travel the best!  This is the motto of VENTOURIS FERRIES, a shipping company that has a dominant position in the Adriatic Sea.
VENTOURIS FERRIES was established in 1976 and has been an active trade name in the passenger/roro trade with excellent results.
Since 1984, the company VENTOURIS FERRIES has a more dynamic presence with vessels, bearing the trademark and insignia of VENTOURIS FERRIES, servicing not only coastal routes but also the line between Greece and Italy and, later on, the line between Italy and Albania.
The vessels bearing the trademark and/or insignia of VENTOURIS FERRIES are always under the management of reliable companies having as common denominator and base of their success the value placed on human capital.
The management companies’ personnel consist of high standard, well trained and highly experienced individuals, in their majority having a career in the field of over ten years, who reciprocate the trust put on them by the management by staying loyal and excelling in their duties.
The company owns five vessels:  F/B RIGEL VII  -  F/B RIGEL III  -  F/B RIGEL II  -  F/B RIGEL I  -  F/B BARI  that operate from Greece to Italy (Igoumenitsa, Corfu, Kefalonia Sami, Bari) and from Italy to Albania (Bari - Durres & Bari - Saranda).


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Infants, under 4 years old, are traveling free, only in the case they don’t occupy a bed in a cabin (port expenses - Euro 15,00 - must be paid).


Children from 4-12 years old are entitled with a 50% discount. Children travelling in cabin, need to be escorted by at least one adult.

Return Discount (Italy - Greece)

30% Return Discount for the Bari-Corfu-Igoumenitsa Line
30% Return Discount for the Bari-Chefalonia Line
The discount applies to the return trip fares for passengers and vehicles the offer...

Return Discount (Italy - Albania)

20% Return Discount for the Bari – Durres
The discount applies to the return trip fares for passengers and vehicles the offer is valid as long as the transfer and return tickets are issued at...

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