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Ferry To Zakynthos from Kyllini port

Ferry To Zakynthos from Kyllini port

Ferries to Zakynthos (Zante) depart from Killini port which is located on the western part of Peloponnese. The quickest way to get from Athens to Killini is by road which takes about 3h 21m or catch the bus through Patras which takes approximately 6h 56m.

All of the crossings are operated with the conventional ferries of Levante ferries company.

Departures start at 7:45am, some of them are at midday and there is also an evening crossing.

The duration of the trip is about 1 hour and 15 minutes until it reaches the port of Zakynthos.

The well-designed areas combined with the accuracy with which the crossings are operated, completely meet the needs of the local community, providing numerous options to both island residents as well as other visitors, traveling for business or leisure purposes.

Since this is a slow vessel you will easily be able to travel with your vehicle as well with an additional charge.


Why Zakynthos is the perfect destination

Choosing Zakynthos island would be an ideal option for a summer vacation in Greece. Zakynthos or Zante Island is an extraordinary Greek island, the third largest Ionian one, known for the fact that in Laganas Bay, sea turtles of the Caretta Caretta species lay their eggs in early June.

Visiting the island of Zakynthos and not seeing the crystal-clear waters of the popular Navajo beach is simply impossible, or not going to the Blue Caves on a small boat. Zakynthos is also an incredible destination for diving enthusiasts.

It is worth mentioning that there are many remarkable monuments, churches and museums that are certainly worth seeing. Among others, it is worth visiting the church of St. Dionysius, where the ark with the relics of the saint is stored and the monastery of the Mother of God, known for its unusual architectural solutions. There are also many museums on the island, including the Byzantine Museum and the Verzayo Agricultural Museum. Make sure you visit the Venetian castle, towering near the Bohali region, a beautiful village with charming streets and traditional coffee houses. Do not miss the chance to visit Navajo, the most beautiful bay, on the shore of which lies the wrecked ship. Another attraction of the island is the Orchid Garden, where there's more than 40 different species of these unusual flowers growing, and Zakynthos is their birthplace. Forty-four picturesque traditional villages are located on the island, charming mountain villages, such as Lucha and Geary, where you will find unusual historical mansions that survived the 1953 earthquake.

If you have a unique weakness of travelling, Zakynthos will definitely become one of your favorite destinations.

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