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Including Children & Infants

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Ferry To Kefalonia from Kyllini / Patras

Ferry To Kefalonia from Kyllini / Patras

The crossings to Kefalonia are connected to the ports of Patras and Kyllini.

Kyllini port is located on the western part of Peloponnese while Patras is situated on the northwest coast of Peloponnese.

Kefalonia has 2 main ports connecting it with the rest of Greece.

The first one is Sami, from where ferries depart to Ithaca, Patras and Italy. The second one is Poros, on southeast part of the island, where ferries arrive daily from Kyllini port.

Usually there are 3-4 crossings per day from Killini to Poros port and one crossing per day from Patras to Sami.

The duration of the Killini to Poros trip is about 1-hour.

As from Patras to Sami port, there is one crossing per day at 13:00, the duration of the trip is about 3,5 hours.

All crossings are operated with the conventional ferries of Levante ferries company.

For your convenience, there are escalators on board and specially designed areas/kennels for pets. 

So, if you're traveling with a pet, just make sure to notify the personnel and board in advance, since there's a limited number of pet kennels.


Why Kefalonia is the ideal destination.

In the very center of the Ionian Sea lies the island of Kefalonia - majestic, mysterious, with a rich cultural and historical heritage. An island popular of its scenic caves, underground lakes, and stunning beaches.

 On a peninsula on Kefalonia's southwest coast is the capital city of Argostóli. It is a picturesque place, with a palm-lined seafront promenade, where local fishing boats moor up. While you ‘there, check out the small archaeological museum, which displays finds from the Mycenaean period.

For beach holiday lovers, the islands resorts are an absolut treasure. Whether you prefer secluded places where you can lie down, lost in your own thoughts, or crowded beaches, where you can always find pleasant company this is the perfect place to be.

Unquestionably, Kefalonia's prettiest town is Fiskardo which lies on the northeastern tip of the island. Supported by a dense cypress glade and built around a sheltered bay,it is famous for its sailing crews who field up their yachts there on summer nights.

The superb Myrtos beach is one of the best beaches in Greece. It is rightfully considered the "pearl" of the charming island of Kefalonia. Located 30 km north of the capital of the island of Argostoli, in an impressive area at the bottom of the two mountains Agia Dinati and Kalon Oros . The beach has a crescent shape and is surrounded by magnificent white cliffs. The hallmark of Myrtos is the unusually clear azure blue waters and unique white pebbles. This is one of the most vivid places in Greece.

Whether you are looking for rugged or luxurious, your one-of-a-kind vacation of a lifetime experience begins here.