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Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

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Piraeus - Heraklion (Crete)

Daily From 01/01/2023

Minoan Lines H/S/F Festos Palace - H/S/F Knossos Palace departures from Piraeus (Athens) to Heraklion (Crete) and from Heraklion (Crete) to Piraeus (Athens).

Minoan Lines Early Booking Offer

From:21-09-2023 To:31-01-2024

Offer for Families & Groups of 3 or more persons - 20% Discount

20% discount for Families & Groups on the Piraeus (Athens) - Heraklion (Crete) - Piraeus (Athens) route, with the ships Knossos Palace & Festos Palace.
In detail, the offer is valid under the following terms & conditions:

  • • 20% discount on economy deck seats for families/groups... More : 

Timetable 2023



Discount on the return tickets for both passengers and vehicles, on all types of accommodation and vehicles, for any day of the week. Under condition: issuance of both ways on the same booking. The offer is also valid for roundtrip tickets from the ports of Chania and Heraklion.

Port Arrival* Departure
Piraeus (Athens)   21:30
Heraklion 06:30*  
Port Arrival* Departure
Heraklion   21:30
Piraeus (Athens) 06:30*  

*The following day

The itineraries and fares are subject to change. For more up-to-date information, please refer to our Ferry Booking Engine

Pricelist 2023 (in Euro €) Per person, per vehicle, per way

DECKEconomy 42,00
V.I.PAir Type Seats 55,00
AB44-Berth Inside DU/WC 62,00
A44-Berth Outside DU/WC 75,00
AB33-Berth Inside DU/WC 62,00
A33-Berth Outside DU/WC 75,00
AB22-Berth Inside DU/WC 94,00
A22-Berth Outside DU/WC 107,00
LUX1-Berth Deluxe DU/WC 209,00
LUX2-berth Deluxe Double bedDU/WC 139,00
AB11-Berth Inside DU/WC 146,00
A11-Berth Outside DU/WC 172,00
Pet Friendly Cabin PIRAEUS - HERAKLION
AP44-Berth Inside DU/WC 71,00
AP33-Berth Inside DU/WC 71,00
AP22-Berth Inside DU/WC 97,00
AP11-Berth Inside DU/WC 152,00
P44-Berth Outside DU/WC 84,00
P33-Berth Outside DU/WC 84,00
P22-Berth Outside DU/WC 110,00
P11-Berth Outside DU/WC 178,00
Vehicles Up To 6M. In Length & Up To 2M. in Height 73,00
Motorcycle 27,00
Baggage trailer - kart/jet ski - up to 2,5 m. in length & up to 2 m. in height 55,00
Pickup truck-vanup to 5,5 m in length, up to 2m in height 107,00
Pickup truck-vanup to 5,5 m in length, over 2m in height 122,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers Up To 6m. in Length & Up To 2m. in Height 119,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers Up To 6m. in Length & Over 2m. in Height 139,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers From 6,01m. up to 8m. in Length 169,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers From 8,01m. up to 10m. in Length 189,00
Vehicles-Campers-Caravans Up To 6m. In Length & Over 2m. in Height 149,00
Vehicles-Campers-Caravans from 6m. Up To 8m. in Length 174,00
Vehicles-Campers-Caravans from 8,01m. Up To 10m. In Length 196,00

Timetables and tariffs are subject to variations without prior notice.

• All cabins are equipped with shower and WC.
• Each cabin is characterized and offered as 2-bed, 3-bed or 4-bed, depending on the number of passengers that use it and not the number of beds existing in the cabin.
• Pet friendly cabins are not available on a per bed basis.