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Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

Minoan Lines Schedules

Piraeus - Chania and Chania - Milos - Piraeus

Daily From 01/01/2022

Minoan Lines H/S/F Kydon Palace departures from Piraeus (Athens) to Chania (Crete) and from Chania (Crete) to Milos, Piraeus (Athens).

Timetable 2022



Discount on the return tickets for both passengers and vehicles, on all types of accommodation and vehicles, for any day of the week. Under condition: issuance of both ways on the same booking. The offer is also valid for roundtrip tickets from the ports of Chania and Heraklion.

01/01 - 12/05

Port Arrival* Departure
Piraeus (Athens) - 21:30
Heraklion 06:00* 06:30
Chania 09:15 -
Port Arrival* Departure
Chania - 18:00
Heraklion 21:00 21:30
Piraeus (Athens) 06:30* -

*The following day

Arrival time quoted indicate the time the ship arrives at the entrance of the port.

The itineraries and fares are subject to change. For more up-to-date information, please refer to our Ferry Booking Engine

Pricelist 2022 (in Euro €) Per person, per vehicle, per way

DECKEconomy 36,00
V.I.PAir Type Seats 45,00
AB44-Berth Inside DU/WC 57,00
A44-Berth Outside DU/WC 62,00
AB33-Berth Inside DU/WC 57,00
A33-Berth Outside DU/WC 62,00
AB22-Berth Inside DU/WC 77,00
A22-Berth Outside DU/WC 85,00
LUX1-Berth Deluxe DU/WC 146,00
LUX2-berth Deluxe Double bedDU/WC 109,00
LUXDeluxe Outside, 2-Berth, DU/WC/TV 109,00
LUXDeluxe Outside, 1-Berth with Double Berth, DU/WC/TV 146,00
AB11-Berth Inside DU/WC 118,00
A11-Berth Outside DU/WC 132,00
Pet Friendly Cabin PIRAEUS - CHANIA
AP44-Berth Inside DU/WC 57,00
AP33-Berth Inside DU/WC 57,00
AP22-Berth Inside DU/WC 77,00
AP11-Berth Inside DU/WC 135,00
P44-Berth Outside DU/WC 62,00
P33-Berth Outside DU/WC 62,00
P22-Berth Outside DU/WC 85,00
P11-Berth Outside DU/WC 146,00
Vehicles Up To 6M. In Length & Up To 2M. in Height 80,00
Motorcycle 18,00
Baggage trailer - kart/jet ski - up to 2,5 m. in length & up to 2 m. in height 55,00
Pickup truck-vanup to 5,5 m in length, up to 2m in height 90,00
Pickup truck-vanup to 5,5 m in length, over 2m in height 103,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers Up To 6m. in Length & Up To 2m. in Height 100,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers Up To 6m. in Length & Over 2m. in Height 120,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers From 6,01m. up to 8m. in Length 140,00
Trailers - Boat Trailers From 8,01m. up to 10m. in Length 160,00
Vehicles-Campers-Caravans Up To 6m. In Length & Over 2m. in Height 120,00
Vehicles-Campers-Caravans from 6m. Up To 8m. in Length 140,00
Vehicles-Campers-Caravans from 8,01m. Up To 10m. In Length 160,00

Timetables and tariffs are subject to variations without prior notice.

• All cabins are equipped with shower and WC.
• Each cabin is characterized and offered as 2-bed, 3-bed or 4-bed, depending on the number of passengers that use it and not the number of beds existing in the cabin.
• Pet friendly cabins are not available on a per bed basis.