Ferry To Sporades islands from the mainland ports (Volos / Ag. Konstantinos) and Mantoudi Ferry Schedules, Timetables & Online Tickets

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Including Children & Infants

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Ferry To Sporades islands from the mainland ports (Volos / Ag. Konstantinos) and Mantoudi

Ferry To Sporades islands from the mainland ports (Volos / Ag. Konstantinos) and Mantoudi

Ferries to Sporades islands depart from the three getaway ports of Volos, Agios Konstantinos and Mantoudi.

Volos is a coastal city in Thessaly which is situated midway on the Greek mainland, about 330km north of Athens and 220km south of Thessaloniki. The one-way ticket to Skiathos is 26 euro and the duration of the trip is about 2,5-3 hours.

The ticket to Skopelos is 28 euro with the trip duration being about 3-4 hours.

The ticket price to Alonissos ranges between 25,70 and 31,50 euro and the trip duration about 5-5,5 hours.

Another getaway port is Agios Konstantinos, located on the Fthiotida region, about 163 km away from Athens city. The one-way ticket costs approximately 29,90 euro per person,

Last but not least is Mantoudi port, located in Evia where the distance with Athens is about 140km, the one-way ticket costs about 19,80 euro per person.

There are several crossings during the day which are operated with the conventional and highspeed vessels of Anes Ferries, Blue Star ferries and Aegean Flying Dolphins companies.

Keep in mind that since a few of the Blue Star ferries and all Aegean Flying Dolphins vessels do not have garage space it would not be possible to get on board with a vehicle as well.

The above-mentioned prices and trip duration differ depending on the selected ferry company and accommodation type.


Why Sporades islands are the perfect holiday destination

Sporades Islands are an incredibly popular destination due to their unparalleled natural beauty. Huge green fields, idyllic beaches create the most unrealistically stunning landscapes you've ever seen in your life.

On the northernmost part of Skiathos, on a high rock are the remains a well-preserved ancient fortress, it is the most remarkable location of Skiathos, as it combines wild and majestic natural beauty.

One of the most photographed beaches of Skiathos is Lalaria, located at the northeastern tip of the island and is one of the most charming in Greece. The exceptional and wild beauty of the landscape in combination with the wonderful crystal-clear sea will enchant even the most demanding visitor.

There are many spectacular beaches on the island although the most impressive one is Perivoli Beach, located in the north of Skopelos. It is considered the farthest and wildest beach, its area is rocky, sandy and pebble and could easily be considered as a tiny paradise. While you’re there, you should definitely visit the house of the famous writer Papadiamantis. The house where the prolific Greek writer was born and lived is located on a small square at the port. The museum is an incredibly interesting example of Skiathos's traditional architecture. The house was built in 1860, household objects, furniture and the writer's books are still in place.

Do get a chance to visit the National Marine Park of Alonissos, the first marine park established in Greece and currently the largest marine protected area in Europe. 

You will be able to take boat trips across the surface of the water to view the marine life, go snorkeling or scuba diving to view the magic underneath the water and even go for walks through the beautiful natural surroundings. Stop wasting time, make the right decision and make your dream-vacation a real fact, the adventure awaits!