Ferry To Syros from Athens port (Piraeus) Ferry Schedules, Timetables & Online Tickets

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Ferry To Syros from Athens port (Piraeus)

Ferry To Syros from Athens port (Piraeus)

Ferries to Syros depart from Piraeus port which is located on the southwest part of Athens. It can be easily reached by public transportation as the metro line, local bus or even by taxi. The distance between the airport and Piraeus is about 49km.

There are three daily crossings from Piraeus to Syros with the first one departing at 07:00am, following another one at 07:30am and the last one being at 17:30.

The duration of the trip depends from the selected type of ferry as highspeed vessels (Sea Jets company) arrive in approximately 2 hours.

On the other hand, conventional ferries (Blue Star ferries) get to their destination within 3,5-4 hours.


Why Syros is a magnificent destination

Syros is a Cycladic island located southeast from Athens and can easily be considered as an exquisite tiny paradise. The island is full of stunning contrasts, lush green valleys, rocky mountain slopes and boundless fields coming down from them. You will be completely fascinated by the lavish mansions and breathtaking farmland.

A noteworthy place to visit would be Ermoupolis city hall, it is one of Greece's largest and most impressive town halls, an architectural, cultural and historical gem. Built in 1876 it is a unique building with the most striking details.

Make sure to visit the historical Apollo Theater one of the major attractions of Syros which constitutes an emblem of the island’s cultural heritage.

Do not miss the chance of visiting Agios Nikolaos church, a two-story monumental temple an imposing marble staircase, marble propylaea. Ionic columns, arches, embossed decorations and gray-blue tiles which make it a unique and iconic attraction.

Syros is well-known throughout Greece for its gastronomic peculiarities. Its legacy is the famous Syrian loukoumi, a traditional gummy square sized candy powdered in sugar, with a huge variety of flavors. Whether you are a dessert addict or not, you wouldn’t want to miss those for the world.

If you’re looking for great beaches to relax and enjoy yourselves you should visit either Galissas, Megas Gialos, Kini, or Poseidonia. Very well-organized and astonishing sandy shores with shallow waters.

Make the right decision and visit this incredible vacation spot, after all the biggest adventure you can take is make your dream vacation a reality.