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Minoan Lines Trieste Ancona Igoumenitsa Patras

Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patras and/or v.v.

Piraeus (Athens) - Heraklion (Crete island) and Patras - Corfu - Igoumenitsa

 Minoan Lines Fleet

Minoan Lines
Highspeed Ferries

Departures from :

1) Italy ( Trieste ) to Greece ( Igoumenitsa, Patras ) or v.v.
) Italy ( Ravenna ) to Greece ( Igoumenitsa, Patras ) or v.v.
3) Italy ( Ancona ) to Greece (  Igoumenitsa, Patras ) or v.v.
4) Piraeus ( Athens - Greece ) to Creteisland ( Heraklion )
5) Patras - Igoumenitsa


      15% Early Booking     BOOK EARLY AND SAVE

- We would like to inform you about the new 15% EARLY
  BOOKING discount of our company on the Adriatic Lines
  valid  from 03/02/2015 until 02/03/2015

- Valid for one way and round trip tickets
   Tickets must be issued strictly within 10 calendar days from
   the day of the reservation and no later than 02/03/2015
- Valid for trip dates until 17/01/2016 on Adriatic lines
- Cumulative with all other discounts of our standard   
   commercial policy
- Early Booking tickets can be changed to open date tickets,
  but the resulting price difference must be paid  when the new
  date is established.
- Early Booking tickets can not be cancelled or refunded.


Hotels in  ITALY  and  Europe
Hotels in  GREECE  and  Greekislands

ARC ( ADAC ) Automobile clubs Members 20% Discount
ARC Automobile clubs Members 15% Discount

Minoan Lines
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Minoan Lines - Camping on Board

If you travel with your camper/caravan, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy camping on board and use our showers, bathrooms, and electricity, free of charge.

Special offer
When traveling with MINOAN LINES, on our international routes, you may receive discounts at certain Greek camping sites. For more information please stop by the reception desk on board.

Camping All Inclusive
  On Ancona Line and Trieste Line (from 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2015):
Be the first to enjoy a new service tailored especially for the passenger who travels in comfort, luxury and economy with his camper/caravan.
Book for "All Inclusive Camping" service and enjoy:
Garage space for your camper / caravan
Electricity supply for your camper / caravan
Accommodation in internal cabin
30% discount on all meals & drinks (breakfast/lunch/dinner) on board
.... ALL at the same price of DECK & camper / caravan reservation!
If you wish to take your pet in the cabin, you can enjoy a special, reduced fare of only 25 Euro, per pet/stretch!
"All Inclusive Camping" service is valid all year round.

30% Discount  on the return fares for passengers & vehicles,  provided that round trip tickets are issued at the same time. The offer is valid all year round on international routes by Minoan Lines.

20% Family Offer for 3 or more members that travel in any accommodation(Deck, AES,ABS, AB3,AB4,A3,A4) with or without their vehicle(category 1). 
The offer is not cumulative with the 50% child discount.

50% Discount for children 4-16 years old on the selected fare. Children traveling in cabins should be accompanied by adults traveling on full fare. Children below 4 years old travel free of charge under the condition that they do not occupy a bed or an Airplane Type Seat.
Infants Free : Children up to 4 years old travel Free of charge on Deck fares.
20% senior citizens discount
Offered to all passengers over
60 years old (travelling on International Routes), in any fare category with or without a vehicle.
Valid for all vehicle categories except for those vehicles using Camping All Inclusive Service.
Passenger's proof of age is checked at embarkation against passport or ID card. 
The offer is valid all year long.

20% Discount for passengers up to 26 years old & students traveling in all accommodation categories, except for Deluxe cabins, with car (1st category ) or Motorcycle - not valid for other vehicle categories) on international routes ( Italy - Greece - Italy or Greece - Italy - Greece one way or round trip ) traveling on the same date and route. The offer is valid all year round on international routes by Minoan Lines.
Students should present their student I.D card during check-in procedure.

20% Discount for Show Your Card (SYC) members valid for all passenger accommodation and private vehicles categories.

20% Discount for all Minoan Lines routes on return fares for passengers and vehicles when Minoan Lines and Grimaldi Lines Adriatic service is combined.

30% Discount on Domestic lines' tickets for passengers and vehicles(all categories), owners of international route tickets traveling from Europe to Greece or v.v. The discount is valid only if international and domestic tickets are simultaneously issued. The offer is valid all year round.

Free Breakfast
Free breakfast at A la carte and internet access is offered to passengers on international routes (Greece / Italy) with Deluxe cabin accommodation.
During check-in and prior to boarding the beneficiaries are issued a coupon which must be presented to the A la Carte restaurant on board.

Free Entrance to the Wellness Center (Gym, Hamam, Jacuzzi and Sauna)
is offered to passengers traveling in Junior Suite and DELUXE cabin categories on board Cruise Europa, Cruise Olympia, Europa Link. The offer does not include massage, facial and body treatment, solarium and other services provided in the center.

4 persons 1 Free 
Family Offer for Domestic Routes: 4 persons 1 Free 

On domestic routes, a family discount is offered for 4-bed cabins. 
Valid only for families traveling with 4 members (one member travels free of charge). 
Condition: 2 tickets out of the 4 must be issued at full fare. 
Not valid for daily routes and on the condition that at least two tickets are full-priced and all four people travel. The free ticket is provided to the ticket of the lowest fare. 
Not valid for the summer midday itineraries on the Heraklion - Piraeus - Heraklion and Piraeus - Heraklion - Piraeus. 
Partial cancellation of tickets is not allowed.

10% Discount for Minoan Lines Bonus Club Members - 20% Discount for Gold Members
- Valid for all International and Domestic Lines
- Valid for Minoan Bonus Club and Minoan En Plo cardholders.
- Valid for all private vehicle and cabin categories
- The discount is not cumulative with other discounts of the 2015 policy, the Early Booking Offer and the 30% return discount
- Members must present their card during check-in

Minoan Lines Bonus Club

Make your reservation Online or by Fax.  All major credit cards accepted.
If you want to make a reservation, your payment should be in advance by your credit card.  (Visa - American Express - MasterCard) By supplying your credit card's data Online or via Fax.  Or  by Remittance in our Bank Account.

 Minoan Lines
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Exploring Greece

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    Greek islands - Piraeus (Athens) - Heraklion (Crete) 

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