Ferry To the west Cyclades islands from Athens ports (Piraeus, Lavrio) Ferry Schedules, Timetables & Online Tickets

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Ferry To the west Cyclades islands from Athens ports (Piraeus, Lavrio)

Ferry To the west Cyclades islands from Athens ports (Piraeus, Lavrio)

Ferries to Sifnos and Serifos, depart from Piraeus port, which is situated about 14 km away from the city center of Athens, making it easily accessible by public transportation.

There are daily departures to both of these islands, with the highspeed vessels of “Sea Jets” and “Aegean Speedlines” ferry companies.

The standard daily trip times are spread throughout the day, with one departing in the morning, one at midday and the last one late in the afternoon.

There is also one extra crossing, with the conventional ferries of “Zante Ferries” company which occurs four times per week.

The trip duration to Serifos ranges between 2h30m to 4h30m.

As for Sifnos, the trip duration is between 2 to 5h30m long.

The islands of Kimolos and Kythnos can either be reached from Piraeus or Lavrio port.
The “Zante ferries” company offers a trip from Piraeus port, occurring four times per week. For Kimolos the trip duration is 8h30m.

As to Kythnos, the ferry takes 3 hours to get there.

Departing from the port of Lavrio, the conventional ferry to Kimolos, operated by the “Blue star ferries” company, occurs once per week. The trip duration is about 13h30m.

Using the same ferry from Lavrio, you can reach Sikinos in 11 hours and Folegandros within 12 hours from departure.

There are almost daily crossings from Lavrio to Kythnos with both conventional (Blue Star ferries, Goutos Lines) and highspeed (Sea Jets) ferries. 

As for the departures from Lavrio to Kea (Tzia) they operate almost daily as well, with the highspeed vessels of Sea Jets company and conventional ferries of Karistia, Goutos Lines and Blue Star. The trip duration could get from 45m to 1hour.

Prices and trip duration times for all the above-mentioned crossings vary depending on the type of ferry, company, and accommodation you might select.


What makes the west Cyclades are magnificent vacation spots

The west Cyclades will provide you with memorable moments and adventures worth mentioning. The island of Sifnos is known for its ceramics, delightful cuisine and dreamy landscapes. An absolutely breathtaking attraction is Panagia Chrysopigi's petroglyph (1650), the island’s patron saint, a rocky islet cut off from the mainland and connected to the island by a small bridge. Serifos is famous for its variety minerals, as well as its mines, which were a source of prosperity and wealth for Serifos. Being one of the islands that retain their original essence, it is perfect for those looking for something different, with green-blue watered beaches and astonishing rocky landscapes that look dotted with petrified forms.

 Kimolos is popular for its delicious figs and sea urchins. Picturesque settlements with traditional architecture, contrasting beaches with special morphology created by the area’s volcanic character.

Folegandros is a tiny paradise, full of small marvelous squares, picturesque alleys, widely known for its watermelon pies and its Castle on the edge of the cliff which boasts an amazing view.

Sikinos is the ideal choice for a quiet and less crowded vacation time. An unspoiled island with its traditional character, Cycladic austerity, bewitching white houses, hospitable beaches, enchanting sunsets and endless peaceful sceneries.

Kea or Tzia is known as the island of raw and untamed beauty and it’s the closest Cycladic destination from the mainland. It has the most wonderful beaches, traditional settlements and attractions of both archaeological and religious interest. Make sure to visit the beaches of Koundouros, Otzias, Gialiskari, Poisses, and Xyla.

Kythnos is a tiny island full of picturesque villages, gorgeous landscapes, spectacular beaches and traditional whitewashed churches. It’s the best getaway place, perfect for hiking thanks to the paths that cross the island leading to historical monuments, such as the castle of Oria.

Everything about the west Cyclades is so alluring and captivating that once you visit them, going back home won’t be that easy.