Ferry From & To Kos Kos ferries tickets, schedules, connections, availability, offers, prices from/to Kos.

Ferry From & To Kos <span>Kos ferries tickets, schedules, connections, availability, offers, prices from/to Kos. </span>

Kos: The Jewel of the Dodecanese

Kos, a stunning island in the Dodecanese, is a popular tourist destination offering visitors rich history, breathtaking beaches, picturesque villages, warm hospitality, and a plethora of activities.

Where to find it:

  • Island: Dodecanese, southeastern Aegean Sea
  • Distance: 340 km southeast of Athens
  • Capital: Kos (Hora)

History and Culture:

  • Asklepieion: Birthplace of Hippocrates, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Temple of Aphrodite: Ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite
  • Roman Agora: Center of the ancient city, with ruins of temples, stoas, and public buildings
  • Castle of the Knights: Historic castle with panoramic views of the island

Sights and Activities:

  • Platania: Picturesque village with a centuries-old plane tree and traditional atmosphere
  • Kefalos: Mountainous village with traditional houses and stunning views
  • Old Town: Narrow streets, charming houses, and ruins of the medieval castle
  • Therma: Hot springs with revitalizing properties


  • Tigaki: Organized sandy beach, ideal for families
  • Marmari: Picturesque cove with shallow waters
  • Psalidi Beach: Crystal clear waters and ideal for snorkeling
  • Kardamena: Extensive sandy beach with beach bars and water sports


  • Pitas: Handmade pies with various fillings
  • Kopanisti: Spicy cheese with strong flavor
  • Makaronia me Soupies: Traditional dish with squid ink
  • Octopus Xidato: Appetizer with octopus cooked in vinegar


  • Bars and cafes: In Kos Town and the tourist resorts
  • Clubs: For a vibrant nightlife
  • Traditional festivals: In various villages of the island
  • Festivals: Cultural events and music nights


  • Hotels: In various categories, from luxury to budget
  • Apartments and studios: For family vacations or groups
  • Camping: For nature lovers


  • Kos Port: Main port of the island, connections to Piraeus, Syros, Rhodes, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Chalki, Tilos, Nisyros, Symi, Agathonisi, Lipsi, Fourni, Arki, Samos (Pythagoreio, Vathi), Ikaria (Agios Kirykos), Kastellorizo. Türkiye - Bodrum, Turgutreis.
  • Mastichari: Secondary port, connections to Kalymnos, Leros.

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