Ferry From & To Gythio Gythio ferries tickets, schedules, connections, availability, offers, prices from/to Gythio.

Ferry From & To Gythio <span>Gythio ferries tickets, schedules, connections, availability, offers, prices from/to Gythio. </span>

Gythio: Charming Town and Gateway to Mani

Gythio is a charming town and seaside resort in Laconia, built at the foot of the Lakonian Taygetos mountain. Renowned for its rich history, picturesque streets, beautiful beaches, and easy access to the Mani peninsula, Gythio is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.


  • Situated in Laconia, Peloponnese, approximately 45 kilometers from Sparta.
  • Connected to Kythera, Crete, and Piraeus with frequent ferry connections.

Historical Sites:

  • Ancient Gythio: Ruins of the ancient city, including a theater, temples, and an agora.
  • Gytheio Castle: Byzantine castle built on a hill with panoramic views.
  • Mourtzou Tower: Venetian tower from the 13th century.


  • Gytheio Lighthouse: Historic lighthouse built in 1873.
  • Gytheio Museum: Houses exhibits from the area, including ancient artifacts and Byzantine mosaics.
  • Kapsya Cave: Impressive cave with stalactites and stalagmites.


  • Vaya: Sandy beach with shallow waters, ideal for families.
  • Selenitsa: Quiet beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters.
  • Marathonisi: Small island with a beautiful beach and hiking trails.


  • Mani cuisine: Dishes with fresh fish, local meat, and vegetables.
  • Laconic olive oil: Renowned for its high quality and taste.
  • Mani pie: Pie with cheese and greens.


  • Bars and cafes: For relaxation and refreshing cocktails.
  • Festivals: Traditional festivals with music, dance, and local food.
  • Traditional taverns: To enjoy live music and authentic Mani cuisine.


  • Hotels: Variety of hotels to suit all budgets.
  • Apartments: Affordable accommodation options.
  • Camping: For those who prefer a closer connection with nature.

Port and Ferry Connections:

The port of Gythio connects the Peloponnese with Kythera, Antikythera, Crete (Kissamos), and Piraeus Athens with frequent ferry connections.

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