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Including Caravan & Trailers

Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

Rigel III

Ventouris Ferries

  • F/B Rigel III Air plane type seats
    Air plane type seats
  • F/B Rigel III Escalators
  • F/B Rigel III 4 bed inside cabin
    4 bed inside cabin
  • F/B Rigel III Ice cream corner
    Ice cream corner
  • F/B Rigel III Lux cabin double bed
    Lux cabin double bed
  • F/B Rigel III Open deck
    Open deck
  • F/B Rigel III 4 bed outside cabin
    4 bed outside cabin
  • F/B Rigel III Reception
  • F/B Rigel III Restaurant a la carte
    Restaurant a la carte
  • F/B Rigel III Restaurant self service
    Restaurant self service

    Vessel Information

  • Vessel Type: F/B
  • Passengers: 1800
  • Cabins: Yes
  • Vehicles: 450
  • Trucks: Yes
  • Length(meters): 132
  • Width(meters): 24
  • Speed: 21 Knots
  • Country Built: Finland

Rigel III Routes

Ventouris Ferries Early Booking Offer

From:01-01-2023 To:09-02-2023

Early Booking Up to 40% - Italy Greece Italy

The 40% Early Booking offer is valid until 09/02/2023

Tickets with an early booking discount are not refundable.

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