ANEK LINES Always the greatest.

-- Anek Lines New Ships : Olympic Champion and Hellenic Spirit ---- Welcome to the Ferries in Greece,  ANEK lines section! ANEK LINES - Venice / Ancona / Igoumenitsa / Corfu / Patras. Anek Lines. Ferries of Anek Lines from Italy to Greece and from Greece to Italy. Anek lines ferries sea Travel to Greece from Italy or v.v. Italy - Greece - Italy. From Venice and Ancona to Igoumenitsa, Corfu and Patras. Ferries in Greece Anek Lines section, Schedules, prices and on-line booking system. Greek ferries, Greece, Italy, Greece Italy, Ancona, Trieste, Igoumenitsa, Corfu, Patras, Piraeus, Crete ( Heraklion, Rethymnon, Chania ).

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