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Τα βρέφη κάτω των 3 ετών, ταξιδεύουν δωρεάν, μόνο στην περίπτωση που δεν διαθέτουν κρεβάτι σε καμπίνα.


Παιδιά από 3 - 12 ετών έχουν έκπτωση 50%. Tα παιδιά που ταξιδεύουν σε καμπίνες πρέπει να συνοδεύονται από ενήλικο.

Έκπτωση Επιστροφής

20% έκπτωση στα εισιτήρια επιστροφής για τα δρομολόγια Μπρίντιζι - Ηγουμενίτσα, Μπρίντιζι - Πάτρα και Μπρίντιζι - Κέρκυρα. Η έκπτωση ισχύει εφόσον τα εισιτήρια μετάβασης και επιστροφής εκδίδονται ταυτόχρονα.

Έκπτωση Group

Έκπτωση στις Oμαδικές Mετακινήσεις Eπιβατών (Group). Οι μετακινήσεις θεωρούνται ομαδικές εφόσον είναι άνω των 20 ατόμων. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες μπορείτε να στείλετε email στο εξειδικευμένο προσωπικό της εταιρείας μας.


Description of the offer “Camper & Cabin”:
Object of the offer
The Camper & Cabin promotion provides for the free supplement relating to internal cabin accommodation for bookings that include at least one CAMPER .
For each camper entered in the booking, a free internal cabin can be added, where available. The basic fee and the fixed fees for each passenger are always due.
The promotion applies exclusively to departures on the connection from Brindisi to Patras and vice versa (operating from 1 January to 4 June 2023 and from 1 October to 28 December 2023) for which internal cabins are available at the time of booking
Validity of the offer
The offer is valid from 3 January 2023 for departures from 18 January to 4 June 2023 and from 2 October to 28 December 2023 , for reservations made up to 15 days before the departure date.
• Conditions of the offer

The gratuity applies only to the portion relating to accommodation in an internal cabin, if available;
it does not apply to other types of accommodation, nor to the quota relating to an adult or child, nor to fixed fees, nor to the accompanying vehicle, nor to animals. Nor does it apply to on-board services (e.g. meals, pet in cabin, etc.), nor to the travel cancellation insurance premium.
How to apply the offer
The promotion is obtained automatically by selecting the accommodation in the internal cabin, inserting the CAMPER vehicle and choosing the special rate level.
Combination of the offer
The promotion can be combined with any other offers active at the time of booking, unless otherwise specified in the relative conditions.
Cancellation and change of tickets
The offer is not retroactive: it is valid only for new bookings and does not apply to tickets whose first issue took place before the start of the offer.
Special fare tickets issued in application of the Camper & Cabin offer are non-refundable, but can be changed under current conditions.