SeaJets Общие условия и положения Terms

Terms and Conditions

1. Passengers must be at the port at least 45 minutes before departure. If you missed the departure no refund can be made.

2. Vehicles must be in the waiting area to embarked at least one (1) hour before sailing and in any case at the time specified in the applicable Port Regulations


The issued tickets can be canceled in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Up to 14 days before departure : 100% refund
  • Up to 7 days before departure : 75 % refund
  • Up to 12 hours before departure : 50 % refund
  • For cancellations made in less than 12 hours before the departure no refund can be made.
  • For any cancellation is required to present the original tickets to the agent who issued them (only authorized for cancellations).
  • It is not allowed to cancel tickets by phone , fax and email.

Tickets can also be converted to open date tickets (open) at least 24 hours before departure. Open date tickets can be replaced with another date tickets for any route subject to availability (valid for one year and it can not be canceled, the fare is non-refundable). For conversion to open date ticket is required presentation of the ticket to the issuer, to any central agency or to our main office.

4. In case of ticket loss, the passenger must buy new tickets, state the loss in writing to the company and include all of the lost ticket's details (day and time of travel, itinerary, ticket no and new ticket no, as well as copy of the new tickets).

Following an audit conducted by the company and within 1 month from the day of submission of such request, provided that the lost ticket has not been used to travel, the passenger may receive a free ticket the total value of which will amount to that of the lost ticket.

5. The company will not be held liable for delays in departures, deviation of and non following the regular course as a result of bad weather conditions or orders issued by the Ministry of Maritime Commerce and Port Authorities or force majeure and such actions take place to ensure the safety of passengers.

6. In case of cancelled sail because of force majeure (e.g. ban on departure due to bad weather conditions), the company will return the full value of the ticket and only that.

7. Itineraries may be modified and such changes will be posted on the company's website ( ) in the online reservations system.

8. In accordance with EU Directive 98/41/EC, it is mandatory to keep a passengers’ name list at any voyage, for safety reasons. For the purposes of such registration, tickets should be issued in the name of each passenger and should especially include:


9. Please request from the issuer of your ticket to record your telephone number on your reservation in order to enable the company to contact with you in case of an emergency situation.