General Conditions  
(Not Valid for Domestic Lines)

The terms and conditions governing the transport of passengers and their luggage or their vehicles are inscribed upon the Blue Star Ferries ticket. Passengers must be aware of these before embarking.

Embarkation begins 2 hours prior to the departure of the ship. Holders of tickets with confirmed accommodation must report to the Port Office for the relevant formalities at least one hour prior to departure, otherwise the Company will bear no responsibility should their reservations be cancelled. All passengers must possess the necessary travel documents.

Not include in ticket price.

For safety reasons the use of gas and other fuel is prohibited during the voyage.               

Passengers can leave their luggage inside their vehicle and take to their cabin the items necessary for the trip. Valuables or cash can be handed over for safekeeping at the ship’s purser’s office.

In the event a passenger losing his/her ticket, he/she must immediately notify the issuing travel agent or Blue Star Ferries. The reissued ticket can only be picked up by the owner with valid identification.

Holders of open date tickets must confirm their departure date well in advance to one of the authorized Blue Star Ferries agencies. The company bears no responsibility if there is no available accommodation. In that case, a full refund can be obtained only from the issuing Agency, and upon the consent of the Company.

The currency of the ship is Euro.

For your purchases at the Boutiques and the ship’s restaurant (not the Self – Service) the following credit cards are accepted: Diners, Visa, American Express, Eurocard, Mastercard .Traveller’s cheques are accepted and can be exchanged at the ship’s purser’s office.

For cancellations made known to the agents or to Strintzis Lines

-  From the reservation date and up to 30 days prior to departure, full refund.
-  From 29 days up to 7 days prior to departure, 90% refund.
-  From 6 days to 24 hours prior to departure, 50% refund.
-  Within 24 hours prior to the actual time of departure, no refund is made and the ticket is considered void. A refund can be made only by the issuing agent. Port agent can only invalidate tickets, not refund them.

A cabin is defined as a 2, 3, or 4-berth cabin, depending on the number of passengers occupying it, not on the number of berths.

In the event of reservation of an entire cabin for exclusive use a 50% supplement is charged for each unoccupied berth.

Pets travel free of charge in specially designated quarters. Pets are not allowed indoors (including cabins, restaurants and bars), all pets are required to wear a muzzle and be on a leash, accompanied by a guardian.

The Company will make every possible effort to adhere to the timetables inscribed in its brochure. However, it reserves the right to change timetables or to replace vessels, as well as to readjust fares without notice due to Acts of God, monetary fluctuations, or fuel increases.

Tickets are valid only for the departure port they have been issued for. For any change, passengers must contact the issuing agent or the Company’s Port Agents. Passengers can freely enjoy all the on-board public areas. It is strictly forbidden, however, to sleep or eat on the lounge’s seats and couches. 


Children under the age of 4 who do not occupy a bed/berth pay only 5,5 Euro per passage. Children under the age of 4 who occupy a bed/berth pay 50% of the selected adult fare. There is 50% discount on fares for children between the ages of 4 and 12. Children travelling in cabins must be accompanied by a full-fare paying adult. (Family Specials & Super Economy include children discounts).

Special offers for groups and tour buses, upon mutual agreement.

SUPERSAVER: (additional terms):
-     Valid during low and shoulder season only.
-     Tickets must be issued at least 45 days prior to the departure date.
-     Tickets cannot be issued with an open return date.
-     Reservations cannot be changed once a ticket has been issued.
-     Minimum duration of stay: 7days.
-     Maximum duration of stay: 30 days.
-     Cannot be combined with One Way or Round trip fares.
-     Only a limited number of cabins are available.

Family Specials are not valid during following periods: Italy - Greece 1/8 - 22/8, Greece - Italy 12/8 - 5/9.
All passengers must travel with the same ticket.

Super Economy are not valid during following periods: Italy - Greece 1/8 - 22/8, Greece - Italy 12/8 - 5/9.
The price includes car 1 up to 6m long and 2m high and up to 5 persons (adults or children) in D class.
All passengers must travel with the same ticket.

CAMPING ON BOARD: (Adriatic Sea only)
- Camping on board is permissible from April 1st to October 31st.
-  Due to limited space for camping on board, it is advisable to book well in advance.
-  For safety reasons, cooking and the use of gas or fire by camping on board passengers is strictly forbidden.

All passengers 60 and over are entitled to a 10% discount (Family Specials & Super Economy include seniors discounts).

Patras - Athens:

-  Departures: ˝ - 1 hour after the ship’s arrival.
-  Reservations: At the ship’s purser’s office.    

Athens – Patras:
Reservations: at the departure points and at Blue Star Ferries Bus Terminals. (24hours in advance of departure)

Athens: 48, Amalias Ave, Tel: +30 210 3226400.
Piraeus: 26, Akti Posidonos, Tel: +30 210 4141140.   

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