General Terms & Conditions

Embarkation Procedure
Passengers and Vehicles must report at the embarkation port for check-in at least one (1) hour before departure. 
The ticket is strictly personal. It is not transferable and is valid only for the specific accommodation and route that has been issued for.  
Tickets cancellation
Tickets can be cancelled only from our office or every Shipping Company's Central Office. 

  Cancellation Fees

In any case, please do not hesitate to contact us  

* Reservation Fee and Delivery Expenses are not refundable *

Our agency charges an extra 5% cancellation fee on the refundable amount *

Ticket Changes
Α) For every change you make there is a changing fee of 5.00 if the total cost of your reservation is up to 200 and 10.00 if the total cost is over 200.

Β) If we have sent the tickets to you, you will probably have to return them to us. The new tickets can either be sent to you again if you agree to pay the delivery cost again or we can arrange for you to collect them at the port office on the day of the departure free of charge (If the shipping company supports the Prepaid Ticket ) .

Loss of tickets
If you lose your tickets, you have to:
1) State the loss in writing to Paleologos s.a.
2) In order to travel it will be necessary to purchase new tickets.
Provided that, by the end of the year, the Shipping Company audit files show that the ticket(s) have not been used you are eligible either for a refund or a new ticket of equal value. This condition depends on the ferry company.


Sailing Delays
Our Company is not responsible for any delay in sailing, deviation or modification of the scheduled route, due to the bad weather conditions, the orders of the Ministry of Merchant Marine, the Port authorities or due to force majeure, that may affected passengers' safety. In case the voyage is called off due to force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions ) or due to the shipping company's responsibility, passengers are entitled to a full refund while the company has no further obligation. Timetables, fares and travel conditions are subject to modifications, which are published through every shipping company's online reservation system on our website  

The shipping companies reserve the right to substitute the vessel for which the ticket was issued upon approval from the Ministry of Merchant Marine. 

Passengers' Name List
Pursuant to EU Directive 98/41, the shipping company has the obligation to keep a passengers' name list of every voyage, for safety reasons. For the purposes of such registration, tickets should be issued in the name of each passenger and should especially include: 
Furthermore, our company should be informed by any passenger who needs SPECIAL CARE, upon the issuance of the relevant ticket. 

It is pointed out that the issuance of tickets on board is strictly prohibited. Therefore, for convenience reasons as well, the booking and issuance of tickets should be affected always on time. 

Fares / Discounts
The fares include sea passage in selected accommodation and all port charges (for Domestic lines only). Meals and beverages are not included. 

All discounts are not cumulative and only the highest discount is granted at a time, when applicable conditions are met. 

Passengers entitled to discounted fares are kindly requested to state it at the time of booking and carry with them all the necessary proof documents during the tickets issue as well as the check-in procedure. Once the ticket is issued, no refunds are provided for price differences. 

Groups, trucks, buses, baggage trailers, boat trailers and unescorted vehicles are subject to special agreements. 

Children under the age of 5 (infants) travel free of charge and exclusively on DECK accommodation category in  Conventional ferries. In other type of accommodations (e.g. cabins) are entitled to 50% discount (children's fare). They also travel free of charge in all accommodation categories in High Speed vessels. 

Children 5-10 years old benefit with 50% reduction of the total fare, in all accommodation categories, in Conventional and High Speed vessels.

Only students from Greek public universities are entitled to student's discount. 

Safety on Board
Neither the Shipping Companies nor the ships are liable for any accident, loss or damage occurring prior to boarding, during loading and after disembarkation. 

It is strictly forbidden for passengers to carry firearms, explosives, flammables, combustibles and other dangerous substances or materials on board. 

According to the High Speed code safety regulations, passengers are not allowed to stay at any open area of the High Speed vessels during the sailing. 

Luggage may be left inside vehicles. Passengers are kindly requested to take their personal belongings that may use during the voyage. 

Access to the ship's garage during the voyage is prohibited. 

The Shipping Companies shall not be held liable in case of loss of money or valuables stored in cars, luggage, common areas or cabins. Passengers are welcome to check cash and valuables with the Purser's office for safekeeping. 

Pets travel free of charge. Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas or cabins. Pet owners are responsible for feeding and pet hygiene. Pet owners are required to have their pet's valid health papers with them. 

General Information
Passengers are responsible for complying with all Port, Health and customs regulations. 

Passengers ought to comply with the ship's captain and crew instructions regarding public order and safety on board. 

Passengers must contact the captain or crew should a complaint arises while on board. For complaints or recommendations, they may also contact Paleologos s.a. customer service 

after the end of the journey. 

In any case, please do not hesitate to contact us  

EURO is the official currency on board.

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