Ferry To Paros from Athens ports (Piraeus/ Rafina) Ferry Schedules, Timetables & Online Tickets

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Ferry To Paros from Athens ports (Piraeus/ Rafina)

Ferry To Paros from Athens ports (Piraeus/ Rafina)

Ferries to Paros depart from two ports, Piraeus and Rafina.

There are several ways of transportation in order to get to either of them, such as the metro line, taxi or even catch the local bus.

Rafina port is much closer to the Athens airport than Piraeus. Rafina port is only 15km away from the airport, while the distance to Piraeus port is about 49km.

Both of these ports provide you the option of travelling on a highspeed or conventional ferry.

Departures from Piraeus port start from 06:50am, some of them are at midday and there's usually an afternoon crossing as well. The duration of the trip depends on the selected type of ferry, as the highspeed ferries of Sea Jets company reach the port of Paros in approximately 3 hours and the one's of Golden Star ferries company in about 7,5 hours.

For those who prefer a steadier pace, you may choose Blue Star ferries company, where the trip duration is about 4,5 hours.

There’s usually one daily morning departure from Rafina, at 07:30 am, with a couple of crossings as well in the afternoon. It takes approximately 3,5 hours to reach Paros with the highspeed ferries of Sea Jets company and about 6 hours with the conventional ferry of Golden Star ferries.


Why Paros is the unique destination

Páros is located in the heart of the Cyclades, widely known for its spectacular beaches, vibrant nightlife, ancient monuments and of course its marvelous sandy beaches.

From the crowded Kolimbithres beach to the quiet, private beaches such as Lolantonis, the golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear water will easily hypnotize and seduce you.

The islands architecture harmoniously combines its glorious past with the modern present.

Make no mistake leaving Paros without visiting Butterfly Valley, a unique natural site, with dense vegetation, located 5 km south of Parikia. It is a wonderful natural park with various exotic plants and waterfalls, where you can see thousands of rare lovely butterflies.

There are still so many interesting sights that deserve your attention such as the monastery of saint Arsenios, saint Constantine’s church and Apollo’s sanctuary.

Make sure to visit the Venetian castle which was built to protect the port of Naousa. Nowadays the observatory of the castle is half-sunk however, the building remains an incredibly charming sight.

If you’re looking for a unique summer vacation spot, look no further, this is certainly the perfect place to be.