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Ferry To Milos from Athens port (Piraeus/ Lavrio)

Ferries to Milos depart from two of Athens ports, Piraeus and Lavrio.

Piraeus port is located 12 kilometers southwest from the city center while Lavrio port is located on the southeast tip of Attika, about 28km from Athens airport.

You could easily get there by using the public transportation such as riding the local bus, catching a taxi of even the metro line.

There is one crossing per week from Lavrio port, departing every Friday at 08:00 and arriving at 22:30. The duration of the trip is about 14 hours with the conventional ferries of Blue Star ferries company.

Piraeus port on the other hand has more options to offer with both highspeed and conventional ferries. There are a few morning crossings, with the first one departing at 06:50am, there’s one afternoon departure and an overnight ferry as well.

The duration of the trip defers as highspeed vessels (Golden Star ferries, Sea Jets, Aegean Speed lines) take approximately 3-3,5 hours to get to their destination.

The conventional ferries of Zante ferries company arrive in about 7,5 hours and the ones of Sea Speed ferries company reach their destination in about 5 hours.


Why Milos is the ideal resort to spend your holidays

Milos is the island of love, pirates, Aphrodite with its impressive turquoise waters, caves, volcanoes, marvelous sunsets and peculiar geological formations. Yet Milos is popular because of the statue of Milos Aphrodite, which can be seen today at the Louvre in Paris.

The island’s port is called Adamas, located approximately 5km away from the airport, it is the vibrant cultural center of Milos and the biggest port on the island. 

One of the most exquisite attractions on the island is the mining museum, where its establishment aims to honor and promote the mining history of Milos and to display the island's mineral wealth.

Undoubtedly, the most significant attraction are the catacombs in the vicinity of Tripiti village. They are considered to be the most important early Christian shrine of the period. The catacombs are in fact ancient volcanic caves in which believers hid from the Gentiles in ancient times. There were also preserved rock paintings left by the first local Christians.

The islands beaches look like a tiny paradise, its main beach is Sarakiniko with its white canyons and labyrinths. Another great option would be to visit Fyriplaka a large beach cut in half by a large rock detached from the mountain. Tsigrado is one of the most fascinating beaches with fine white sand, located on the south side of Milos between the beaches of Fyriplaka and Gerakas.

Do not miss the chance of visiting Achivadolimni beach with the crystal-clear waters, for those who prefer living in the countryside there is an outstanding campsite, right above the beach. Last but not least do yourself a favor and visit Provatas, or Paliochori beach and be prepared to witness for some outstanding volcanic artistry.

After all, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, either by living an adventure or by making new memories.