Ferry To Ios from Athens ports (Piraeus/ Rafina) Ferry Schedules, Timetables & Online Tickets

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Including Children & Infants

Including Caravan & Trailers

Ferry To Ios from Athens ports (Piraeus/ Rafina)

Ferry To Ios from Athens ports (Piraeus/ Rafina)

Ferries to Ios depart from two of the main Athens ports (Rafina, Piraeus)

Even though usually Piraeus port has a richer variety of crossings to choose, Rafina port is much closer to Athens airport. Both ports though can be easily reached by public transportation.

The first departure from Rafina port is at 7:15, with the next crossing being in the afternoon at 16:00.

The duration of the trip can be differed depending on the selected ferry company. By choosing to travel with Golden Star ferries you will get to your destination in about 4 hours, while Blue Star ferries company’s vessels arrive approximately in 4h45’.

Piraeus port on the other hand has more options to offer, with a few early morning departures beginning at 06:15 and one afternoon crossing at 15:15.

The journey duration is about 4hours (Sea Jets, Blue Star ferries) and could get up until 6 hours (Golden Star ferries).


Why Ios is a spectacular resort to spend your holidays

Ios is considered perhaps as one of the most appealing islands of the Cyclades.

The most common thing to do on the island would be to visit the well-preserved windmills.

The energy provided by these windmills has been used in the past to grind the grains.

There are twelve impressive weathered windmills located high up in the Chora at the top of the mountain slope and even though they haven’t remained in their original form, they can perfectly link the past with the present.

A must-see spot would be Homer’s (Omiros) tomb, located in the northern part of Ios, near the beach of Plakotos. He wrote both Iliad and Odyssey and was supposedly buried in Ios. 

Do not forget to visit the astonishing Koumbara caves with the most impressive crystal-clear waters and secluded caves. Afterwards, you could always work on your tan by visiting Milopotas,a fabulous golden sand beach, located just a bit further from Chora.

There are plenty of significant places to see in Ios island and Skarkos is surely one of them. A village of the early Bronze age and one of the best-preserved ancient sites.

Having to choose between doing any of those things would be a pity so make sure to stay long enough on the island in order to get the ultimate vacation experience.