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The possessor of a ticket of the Company or the passenger on board the vessel agrees and accepts that the transportation will be subject to the following conditions of the Company and the terms on the tickets.

Open date tickets are valid for 1 year only. Holders should make the necessary reservations well in advance, especially during the high season. The Company accepts no liability for the embarkation or transfer of passengers and /or vehicles possessing an open date ticket. No refund will be given on an open date ticket.

Passengers in possession of tickets with fixed departure date wishing to cancel their tickets are entitled to the following refunds:
Earlier than 30 days 90%
30 days to 48 hours prior to departure 80%
48 hours to 24 hours prior to departure 50%
Passengers, who cancel in less than 24 hours prior to departure and those who fail to embark without any advanced notice, are not entitled to any refund. Ticket refunds are effected only in the country and in the office were issued from.

Passengers must immediately report the loss of the ticket to the Company's Head Office. New ticket will be issued after payment and refund of lost ticket will be made by issuing agent at the end of the year and only after it has been ascertained that the lost ticket has not been used.

1) Children up to 4 years of age travel free of charge, not entitled to any berth or seat. Embarkation / disembarkation fees are paid in full.
2) 50% to children between 4-12 years of age.
3) 20% to students (up to 28 years of age) holding a Student I.D. card.
     The 20% Discount is valid for there Cars too.

20% to youth up 24 years of age.
5) 20% to members of Diplomatic Corps, NATO's and EEC's employees along with their accompanying vehicles and family.
6) 20% on the return tickets for passengers & vehicles provided that round trip tickets are issued at the same time.

The reductions are not cumulative. The most convenient reduction can be chosen.

Passengers who wish to have exclusive use of a cabin should be changed with a 50% supplement for each unoccupied berth.

Special conditions are valid for Groups, Trucks, Empty Buses, Unaccompanied Vehicles and Cargoes.

Baggage is carried free of charge and may be left in the car. The Company declines any responsibility for money and valuables contained in the passengers' baggage or in the cabins and public areas.

They are carried free of charge and are not allowed in cabins and /or public areas. Owners of animals or birds must provide food during the voyage. Animals and birds travel at their owners' risk.

Meals are not included in the price of the ticket but can be purchased from the ship's restaurant or snack - bar.

Passengers must report for CHECK-IN and other formalities at least  3 hours before the sailing time.
( *Passengers traveling from Haifa must report for CHECK-IN and other formalities at least 4 hours before the sailing time. )
After this time limit the Company reserves the right to dispose of the reserved accommodation without any refund to the passenger.

Please reconfirm your trip from Cyprus or Israel at least 72 hours before departure.

Arrivals and departures refer to local times. The Company makes every effort so that the itinerary will be carried out exactly as it published in the brochure.
However it is subject to alteration without any previous notice.
Moreover the fares can be increased without any previous notice in the case that there is increase on the price of petroleum or there is substantial change in currency. Owners of vehicles will pay additional taxes for customs clearance documents only for their cars during the disembarkation to the ports of Limassol and Piraeus.

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