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Aegean Diving Services Ltd carry an extensive range of specialist underwater equipment together with a mobile surface supplied dive spread. This gives unrivalled flexibility allowing operation from the most remote locations.

A highly skilled dive force from both Greece and the UK provides a wealth of experience and expertise, combined with excellent local knowledge. This gives Aegean Diving Services Ltd the ability to supply the client with a professional and effective diving team.

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About us

Aegean Diving Services Ltd is an independent company that operates from the island of Crete conducting a wide range of commercial diving services.

We pride ourselves on our high safety standards and adhere strictly to HSE safety guidelines.

Specializing in all aspects of shipping, we are the only company in Greece using the latest hull cleaning and propeller polishing equipment. We provide support to both the US navy and various merchant shipping companies. We regularly conduct mooring installation and maintenance for the port authority as well as upholding contracts for our local Marina organizations.

Our clients are offered a bespoke service delivered in a professional manner led by an experienced Project Manager to oversee all aspects of the work, from concept through to project completion, ensuring excellent results to the highest standard.

Propeller Polishing - Greek diving services

The Mini Pamper Vehicle - Diving services Greece

Aegean Diving Services Ltd can offer the following services and is an approved service supplier to the Lloyd's Register. Please contact us should your requirements not be listed below:
Air Diving
To a maximum operational depth of 50m
Ship's Husbandry
Propeller polishing
Hull cleaning
Damage Inspection
In water survey (class approved)
Remedial works
Complete system laying and recovery services
Mooring system inspection and survey
Component refurbishment and servicing
Complete system changes
Marine Salvage
Search and recovery
Wreck removal
Marine Construction & Civil Engineering
Marina construction and maintenance
Steelwork and concrete installation
Underwater concrete cutting and drilling
Pile installation
Dredging and airlifting operations
Wet welding, cutting and burning
Inspection & survey
CCTV Video
Pleasure Crafts
Hull cleaning
Propeller Polishing
Propeller removal & replacement
Film & Media
Marine Coordination
Safety Boats
In water safety divers
The Twin Brush Machine - Diving services Greece
The Twin Brush Machine - Diving services in Greece
Aegean Diving services in Greece



Hull Cleaning Propeller Polishing The Mini Pamper Vehicle The Twin Brush Machine Lloyd's Insurance Certificate