Athens Greece One Day Cruise! A day cruise to 3 Greek Islands.


Length: 53m - Speed: 16 knots - Passengers: 800 pax (450 inside sitting - 350 outside sitting)

Three islands cruise - Athens One Day Cruise Program

We depart at 08.00 a.m. heading to the three beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf.

After departure, our guide and the hostesses will ask you to assemble in one of the main lounges of the ship to get ac-quainted and to give you
 all the information concerning the ship, the program of the cruise and the islands and to make sure you will have a to have a pleasant day.


The favorite island of the jet set, whose old traditional beautiful stone houses and mansions silently witness to a long and turbulent story.
The small narrow stone paved streets await you to explore them on foot or by the island’s tradi-tional “vehicle” the saddled donkeys…
captivating walks along the old seaside promenade crystal clear waters, radiant fine craft shops and the beauty of Hydra will conquer you!
Our stay in Hydra is about 2 hours.


Although it is the smallest of the three islands that we visit, its attraction is the narrow strait offering a most enchant-ing view of the town of Poros.
Our stay in Poros is about 1 hour.


The largest of the three islands. Apart from its harbor, there are optional organized tours by air conditioned busses visiting the Temple of Afea
(archeological site) or the Church of Saint Nektarios, whose relics are display. The above men-tioned tours are optional and are sold on board the ship.
Our stay in Aegina is about 2 hours.

On our way back to Marina Flisvos, a traditional Greek folk show with singers and dancers will entertain you up to the final moment as the ship arrives at Marina Flisvos.


The port of Hydra, whose amphitheatre shape once served as a safe shelter for Pirates, welcomes you. From the decks, you will be able to admire the very special architecture and dramatic landscapes of the island, whose old traditional stone houses and mansions silently witness to a long and turbulent history.

As soon as you disembark, it’s all there… the small narrow stone-paved streets waiting to be explored on foot or by the island’s traditional “vehicle” – the saddled donkey… captivating walks along the old seaside promenade… crystal clear waters, radiant traditional fine craft shops, the beauty of Hydra will conquer you forever!

Separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strait this beautiful green island will mesmerize you with its groves of pine & lemon trees and relaxing walk through quiet narrow streets for a rewarding panoramic view from the town’s clock tower.



The largest of the Saronic Islands, has enjoyed a very dynamic past and a rich and vibrant present articulated beautifully through its wonderful Pistachio Groves as well as colorful floating fruit, vegetable & fish markets.

We heartily recommend one of our optional tours through which you will discover the charms of this enchanting island:

  • Visit to the Church of Saint Nectarios which is a beautiful example of classic Byzantine architecture housing the Saint’s silver carved tomb as well as relics for his everyday life.
  • The second tour visits the wonderfully preserved 5th century B.C. temple of Afaia which sits majestically upon a forested hill and offers a magnificent view of the Argosaronic Gulf.


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